Make top Fashions Mfg Co.

Welcome to Dingxin (Maketop) Fashions.


Dingxin Fashions was established in 1998 in China and has nurtured versatile expertise in jewelry making ever since. With two branches in Yiwu and Guangzhou, Dingxin Factory in Hainan Island has a rock-solid base in generic jewelry making. Dingxin Fashions pursues the uniqueness and creativity in jewelry making and excels in the surfer and casual jewelry for teens, especially men’s jewelry. Our collection of jewelry covers hemp, wood, metal, bone, glass, leather, ceramic, stone and fimo jewelry types. 


Parts of Our products are produced in the rural
   backward area by the elderly, 
       the poverty-ridden poor and  
          the handicapped who want to be  
          on their own
     Help those poor and help yourself!




Office: Rm304, Block40, Jiazhou Garden, Huangqi, Nanhai, 
Tel: 0086 757 85962814  Fax: 85962824
Factory: Zone A, Wangwu Village, Danzhou, Hainan, China 571700

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